by Lewis Fitzjohn

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When you feel the leash pull ever so slightly too tight
You know you'll never see the situation quite under the same light

And the house of cards will topple over at the first sight
you'll realise you were never destined to walk though this life

It's in one moment
Stuck with a spear it's clear you ignored the signs
You can feel this omen
Shivers shoot fear and steer right down your spine

and your heart has spoken
dissonance leers your lives are unaligned
and the pathway's broken
listening clear you hear beyond your mind

Y'know it's over
When you can't stand to be involved with it
Y'know it's over
When your heart beats aloud and you're falling down
Y'know it's over
When you can't wait to turn away from it
Y'know it's over
when you find peace with nothing to show from it

you turn up the pressure froever this stuck in your head
and you feel it ever compensate through all that's left unsaid

you imagine it,
can't you handle it?
stop the grappling,
it's not happening!

You fake it to make yourself fit into the paradigms,
and you never endeavour to see your consciousness arise.

But you notice oblivious
you know this is obvious

how will i carry on
now that it's come undone


released March 9, 2014
Written, Performed and Produced by Lewis Fitzjohn
Eye drawing taken from 'Vanishing point' illustration by Martinez




Lewis Fitzjohn Bristol, UK


Music , Art & Games Design

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